Drone Technology in Construction Keeps Getting Better & Better

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We love tech. In a given hour we’ll bounce between four devices, countless apps, various programs and all kinds of other technologies. Partly that’s because we’re managing hundreds and sometimes thousands of aerial photos, videos and maps in a given day. But it’s also because we love to test new features and technologies. When it

Construction Drone Strategies & Why Your Construction Company Needs One

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We often hear from leaders in the construction space, that they don’t have a drone strategy but recognize the power of the visuals the technology captures. Many tell us that they’ve got someone on the team that has a drone and will occasionally fly it to capture some aerial shots, but often the photos and

The Types of Drone Videos You Should Be Capturing (with Examples)

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We have hours of aerial footage from all the projects we’ve had the privilege of capturing with our drones across the country. The types of drone videos you can capture are endless and we’ve had all kinds of project requests. However, we've picked up on some trends in what people are looking for with aerial

How to Make the Most of Your Drone Photos & Videos

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When you hire a drone partner to come and capture some stunning aerial photos and videos, the challenge isn’t usually the quality, after all, everything from hundreds of feet up in the air just looks epic. The challenge comes in how these photos are used or, in many cases, not used. Whatever your reason for

7 Questions to Help You Find the Best Aerial Photography & Videography Drone Partner

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Over the last few years drone technology has rapidly improved in a variety of ways. From the quality of camera’s attached to these drones, to the decreasing costs of ownership, more and more people are enjoying the technology for both personal and business purposes. However, this mass adoption of drones has made everyone a “pilot”

4 Ways Drones Help You Run a Safer Construction Job Site

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Ask any industrial, commercial or residential construction job site manager what their biggest priority is and they are probably going to say safety. With that being the case, many construction management companies are waking up to the role that drones can play in improving the overall safety of a job site. Not only can drones

6 Ways Drones Are Transforming Construction Site Management Forever

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Drones have come a long way since the first pilotless winged aircraft flew in 1917. Today, most think of the beautiful aerial photos, but layered with the right technology, drones are transforming how we approach many industries, opening up new discussions and creative approaches to long-standing processes. The world of construction site management and other

Drones Offer a Competitive Advantage That’s Waiting for You…

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Every day we come to work looking for some kind of competitive advantage in order to WIN more customers.   We are living in such an exciting and breathtaking time, where technology is giving all that are willing to use it, a HUGE Competitive Advantage.  With new technology comes the fear of change.  "We have

Drone Times: 2019 CAM Tradeshow

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From the Cockpit The Drone Brothers team is very excited to announce our attendance at the 2019 Michigan Construction & Design Tradeshow. Come check out our booth (#113) on February 05, 2019 at the MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit. Come learn how drones are revolutionizing the construction industry. For more information about the show,

3 Areas of Construction Tech Launching the Industry Forward

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After decades of lagging technical adoption, the construction industry is working hard to forge a new digital identity. Over the last 2 years, a combination of internal and external forces has driven contractors to experiment with and embrace technology like never before, including increased demand spurred by a growing population and skilled labor shortage.