Whether an apartment complex, an office building, a retail center, an industrial facility or just vacant land, the challenge for commercial real estate developers and owners is selling the property to investors or reaching and influencing potential tenants. Whichever objective you have, drones are radically changing how you are able to present and promote your commercial property.

With computers in almost everyone’s pocket these days in the form of smartphones, properties must have a strategy to reach people online. Most recognize this reality, which makes for a noisy and competitive digital space. The key way to differentiate is with visual content. If you don’t share aerial photos and videos, you might be overlooked because the reality is that more and more of your competitors are investing in this content.

High quality interior video and aerial videography and photography is extremely compelling and most will agree drones capture stunning images of the world around us. But how specifically does this improve the likelihood of selling commercial properties? Here’s three ways drones are helping commercial real estate developers and owners sell and/or lease their properties.

Show Points of Interest

With the bird’s-eye-view that drones offer, the videos and photos captured allow your potential buyers/tenants to see all the nearby retail establishments, major roads, schools and other points of interest. This is extremely important information for those looking into renting or buying commercial properties. While you could provide a bulleted list of these points of interest, being able to see them in relation to the location is far more compelling and useful.

Sight, Sound, Motion

The very first TV commercial aired in 1941 and since then, video remains the most compelling form of media. The reason is simple: video is a far more immersive form of media than text or static images. With video you don’t just see or read an ad, you hear it and it moves. When it comes to your commercial property, high resolution pictures are nice, but to really capture the essence of the space, there is no better way to do so than with video.

Better Marketing & Promotion

Implicit to the two differentiators listed above is the fact that aerial videos and photos allow for more compelling marketing overall. The Internet offers a plethora of venues to share your commercial property video with the world. From embedding it on your company website, to sharing on social media and posting on relevant listing sites, the content captured by these drones offers a level of marketing sophistication that commercial properties can’t afford to miss out on.

There are other benefits, but don’t take our word for it. Just watch the sample below and see for yourself just how powerful these videos can be.

If you need our help creating a video like this for your commercial real estate property, contact us today.